I learned a lot from here so it's time to pay back.

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I learned a lot from here so it's time to pay back.

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Hello. Hi Scuba Pete,CloneDVD2 did the job. It's frustrating that DVDShrinkwasn't able to do the job since it's been so successfulwith other titles. (I haven't tried the SW bonus discyet, but since it did so well on the others I'd guess it won't have problems with that one either.)Question: As DVD Decryptor processes, it expands filesfrom the media platter so they take up quite a bit morespace than a standard 4.3Gb disc; but unlike DVD Shrinkit doesn't have an option that lets you reprocess filesso they fit onto a usual disc. So, it seems irrelevantto use DVD Decryptor instead of DVDShrink or some othercommercial package like CloneDVD. What am I missing??


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